Become Famous.

Get a taste of fame (and all its perks) with $20 OFF your first purchase, free styling sessions & VIP treatment.

No middle-men

Our sample room direct to you model means no middle men, higher quality formal dresses & lower costs.

Internal sourcing & design

Dedicated sourcing & design team to discover the best fabrics and create the most beautiful dress designs based on what's trending right now.

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Hem lengths that suit you

Long formal dresses, short prom dresses, midi, knee-length; we can change your dress length to whatever suits you.

All online

We deliver you beautiful dresses, customised for you, at the prices we do because we keep it all online.

Fame & Partners delivers a high quality, bespoke dress making service without the traditional cost

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formal dresses
for every event

Dedicated, specialist sample
rooms & dress makers

Our workers are highly skilled; each individual formal dress is crafted by one artisan seamstress.

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Dresses customised for you

Customise to your perfect colour and change design features to make your formal dress uniquely yours.

Free stylists

Special events like prom are so important so we offer free stylists to complete the full look, free of charge.

beautiful, luxe finish dress fabrics

Metallics, sequins, taffeta, satin, chiffon, lace all available in extensive colour palettes you can choose.