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A network of fashion forward,
free thinking bloggers increasing their cred
through being linked.

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member perks:

  • blogger training +
  • exclusive fashion network +
  • free dresses +
  • earn cash

who can apply:

  • Have a blog where you actively follow fashion trends.
  • Have a style of fashion Vlog.
  • Want to earn an income from your blog.
  • Want to inspire girls to create their own unique look for their formal occasions.
  • Are active on either: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and/or other social media.
Prom Queen collection

what you get

  • opportunity to be invited to co-design a formal dress.
  • 15% comission on every dress that one of your followers buys from our store
  • Opportunity to link to other blogs and increase your own blogs visibility
  • a free dress gifted to you to style for each blogger with over 20k following.
  • Public endorsement of your blog as part of The Fame Chain.
  • Oppotunity to feature through our own social media channel and gain exposure.
  • VIP access to special discounts for you and your followers.
  • Access to a network of like-minded young women and content.
  • jumpstart in your blogging, fashion and/or technology carer.
  • VIP access to our annual paid internship competition.

how does it work?

  • Apply to join The Fame Chain
  • Applications are assessed within 5 days.
  • If you are accepted, you get all the above perks.
  • Receive the Fame Chain Welcome kit with technical instructions on how to join.
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