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Fame and Partners is an eco-conscious fashion company offering made-to-order clothing for today’s women. Made-to-order means that we produce less and conserve more, operating with an environmentally-friendly business model that also prioritizes customer agency and choice.

Our clothing is designed by us, but you’re the one who makes them your own. You determine everything from the neckline of our dresses to the hem on our pants, offering clothes that are modern, stylish and uniquely you.

Customizable Clothing

When we started in this business, we realized that customizable clothing is often labeled as inaccessible and cost-prohibitive. We refused to accept a reality where women were forced to either shop off the rack or save for years to afford one garment.

Today, Fame and Partners offers made-to-order clothing that’s accessible for all women. Our collection is home to over 200+ contemporary styles and we proudly offer everything from pants and jumpsuits to dresses and tops.

Made-to-Order Clothing for Women

At Fame and Partners, our made-to-order customizable clothing model was built around our belief that all women, shapes and styles deserve to be celebrated. Our clothing is designed to accommodate a range of styles and personalities, but we also know that as designers, we can only go so far.

We can produce great garments, but ultimately you are the one who knows how to make it your own. You know what looks good on you and we don’t think that anyone else should decide the finishing touches of the clothes you wear.

Live Uniquely. Dress with Confidence.

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