Beach Wedding Attire: What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

flowy dress for a beach wedding

Beach weddings combine the best things in life: vacation vibes and happy occasions. While getting invited to a beach wedding is always exciting, it can raise some real questions about what to wear and how to dress. 

At Fame and Partners, we’ve mastered the art of beach wedding attire. Our line of customizable beach wedding dresses and wedding guest dresses offer a diverse range of styles and fits that allow you to create the beach wedding guest look of your dreams. But, before you start planning, let’s dive a little deeper into what to wear to a beach wedding. 

What is Beach Wedding Attire?

Sunshine and sand typically call for swimsuits and sunglasses — but a beach wedding requires a more refined palette. Couples who are planning a beach wedding tend to use their surroundings to inform their desired dress code and wedding guest aesthetic. Some opt for the contrast of formal wedding attire set against the casual setting of a relaxing beach. Others are inspired by the sand and waves and tend to desire more casual wedding guest looks.

Like all weddings, it’s important to ensure that your wedding guest look matches the wishes of the bride(s) and groom(s). Before you can decide what to wear to your upcoming beach wedding, our first tip is to check the dress code. Here are three of the most common beach wedding dress codes:

Beach Formal

When it comes to beach formal, you want to avoid dark colors (they absorb heat) and look for fabrics that are lighter and more breathable. Dresses and jumpsuits both work very well with formal beach weddings. In terms of length look for hemlines that fall below the knee but far above the ankle. 

Beach Casual

When it comes to casual beach wedding looks, you still want to keep things light in terms of color and fabric. We suggest keeping things simple and going with a flowy sundress or a breezy daywear look. 

If you decide to opt for daywear, find something with understated patterns or bold prints. A little pizzazz will elevate the elegance factor and brighten your look.

Semi-Formal Beach Looks

Dresses and jumpsuits are exquisite options for semi-formal beach weddings. Unlike formal weddings, you can feel free to bring some prints and patterns into your look.

Keep in mind that choosing something too loud will bring your look into a casual space, so avoid anything too bold. In terms of length, opt for longer dresses, keeping our “above the ankle” rule in mind to avoid any sand-related mishaps. Tea-length and maxi dresses work well here.

A Word on Shoes

Sand is both the blessing and the curse of beach weddings. All of that lush sand brings texture and beauty to the reception, but it can also pose a challenge for your footwear selection. For all dress codes, we suggest avoiding stilettos or any shoe with a thin or spiked heel. Instead, opt for a chunky heel (which provides stability and won’t get stuck) or a formal sandal. If you’re going to go with a sandal just make sure your toes are photo-ready!

Fame and Partners: Beach Wedding Attire That’s Uniquely You

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