Black-Tie Wedding Attire: What to Wear to a Black-Tie Wedding

black tie wedding guest dress

Dress codes are some of the most useful information that we gather from a wedding invitation, but sometimes they can be difficult to decode. Black-tie, formal, semi-formal...things can start to blend together. To help you clear those blurred lines, we’re here to walk you through appropriate black-tie wedding attire, taking all of the mystery (but leaving the intrigue!) out of this attire directive.

What is a Black-Tie Wedding?

Let’s start with the basics, “what is a black-tie wedding?” Black-tie is a fancy way of saying “very formal.” For women trying to determine what to wear to a black-tie wedding, something in the realm of a formal dress will suffice.

What to Wear to a Black-Tie Wedding

At Fame and Partners, black-tie reigns supreme. Few things compare to the lavishness of walking into a grand ballroom and seeing a space filled with gorgeous gowns and sharp tuxedos. The contrast, the drama, we could go on. To help you select the best and most appropriate formalwear for black-tie events, consider the following:

  1. Length: The more formal the event, the longer your dress should be. Black-tie weddings are not the time for any dress that falls above the knee. Stick to floor-sweeping gowns and other wedding guest dresses that give you the length you need to appropriately master this wedding dress code.
  2. Color: Black is an obvious choice here due to its timeless elegance and air of formality. While black is a go-to for many black-tie wedding guests, almost any color will work with the exception of white, any variation of white and anything too bold or distracting. Also, try to stick to solid colors and avoid patterns and loud prints.
  3. Alternative Options: Some women are just not dress people, and that’s ok. If you are wondering “what can I wear to a black-tie wedding that isn’t a dress?” we have one word for you: jumpsuit. Formal jumpsuits are fresh, modern and can work extremely well for formal events. Just make sure that the jumpsuit you choose is formal and color-appropriate.

Black-Tie Optional Wedding Attire

Modern brides tend to be veering more towards black-tie optional dress codes. Black-tie optional means that the event is not as formal as a black-tie wedding (no tuxedos required for men), but that for women, floor-length gowns and formal jumpsuits are still the way to go. 

The big change with black-tie optional is the introduction of elegant cocktail dresses as an outfit option. Just remember, as with black-tie weddings, stick with options that offer length, elegance and chic simplicity in terms of color and cut. 

Fame and Partners: Black-Tie, Made-to-Order 

We offer a diverse collection of customizable formal dresses that give you control over your black-tie wedding looks. Our design model is simple: we design the dress, you select the finishing touches that make it your own. From neckline to sleeve type, the choice is yours. 

At Fame and Partners, it is always made to order. Never mass produced. Designed by us. Customisable by you.