Choosing Wedding Colors by Season

choosing wedding colors by season

LeftWrapped Pleated Dress in Champagne. Right: The Dina Dress in Pale Blue.

Wedding colors shape the look, feel and energy of your big day. Like most things, the colors that we are drawn to are impacted by the nature around us and seasonal shifts tend to bring color schemes and color palettes all their own. But understanding how to choose a wedding color scheme is a different art. 

Aligning wedding colors by season is a classic tradition that ensures your wedding harmonizes and lends aesthetic symmetry to the natural environment. Season-appropriate wedding colors also tend to match people’s mood and energy and add an elegance and refinement that elevates the whole event. 

Wedding Colors by Season

When you’re trying to decode wedding seasons and colors, look to the outdoors for inspiration. Most seasonal wedding color schemes are dictated by the colors and tones that flourish in nature during that time. 

When choosing wedding colors by season, stick with what you see. For example, darker, more intense tones to match winter’s landscapes and brighter, more airy colors to honor summer’s sun and light. 

Spring Wedding Colors: Canary Yellow, Pink, Mint, Pale Blue, Lilac. 

Suggested Spring Wedding Color Schemes

  • Pink, Green, Blue, Orange
  • Lilac, White, Pink, Green
  • Pale Blue, Pink, Red, Green
  • Mint, Yellow, Purple, Gray
  • Canary Yellow, Blue, Purple, White

Spring is all about rebirth. As nature comes alive after a long winter, fields are flooded with flowers, baby birds are chirping everywhere and blue skies replace winter clouds. 

Summer Wedding Colors: Blush, Mint, Ivory, Canary Yellow, Pale Blue

Suggested Summer Wedding Color Schemes

  • Mint, Ivory, Champagne, Blush
  • Pale Blue, Blush, Lilac
  • Mint, Peach, Blush
  • Blush, Pale Blue
  • Gold, Ivory

Summer is the time for sun, warmth and energy-filled days and nights. Nature gives us color shows with blue skies, ripe peaches hanging from trees and golden sunsets to cap off long beach and lake days. 

Fall Wedding Colors: Navy, Peach, Burgundy, Forest Green, Pale Gray, Ivory

Suggested Fall Wedding Color Schemes

  • Pale Gray, Navy
  • Pale Gray, Burgundy, Peach
  • Forest Green, Burgundy
  • Pale Gray, Ivory, Peach

Fall is a transition season filled with colors that bridge the bright and cheery-ness of summer with the impending rich, bold colors of winter. 

Winter Wedding Colors: Burgundy, Rust, Navy, Gold, Champagne, Forest Green

Suggested Winter Wedding Color Schemes

  • Gold, Champagne, Burgundy
  • Rust, Gold, Forest Green
  • Navy, Gold, Champagne
  • Rust, Champagne, Gold

Winter is filled with intensity and boldness. From landscapes filled with snowy hills and barren trees to poinsettias and evergreens, winter gives us a gorgeous and rich color palette.

Wedding Dress Colors by Season

Bridal Dresses by Season: While brides are slowly playing with more colors and tones, when it comes to bridal gowns, ivory and white are still the most popular. To tie your gown into the rest of your wedding color scheme, try playing with seasonal accents. Maybe an emerald earring for winter, a peach or yellow diamond for spring and summer, or a gorgeous ruby for fall. 

Bridesmaid Dress Colors by Season: Bridesmaid dresses should always flow with the general color scheme you have selected for your wedding. For spring and summer, we love to see wedding parties dressed in canary yellow, lilac and peach, champagne and forest green looks for fall and rich burgundy and gold bridesmaid dress colors for winter. 

Wedding Guest Dress Colors by Season: Select a wedding guest dress that matches the general tone and feel of the season the wedding is in. Think pretty pastels and light colors for spring and summer and more rich, saturated tones for winter and fall. 

Fame and Partners: A Dress for Every Season

At Fame and Partners, we love the unique palette that each season lends to a wedding and event. Our collection of bridal, bridesmaids and wedding guest dresses is diverse, dynamic and fully customizable with styles, colors and options that match all personalities, styles and weddings.

Struggling to choose wedding colors by season and want to see what your options will look like in real life? We offer the opportunity to order swatches of the colors you’ve selected so that you can see how everything will come together before the big day.