Fall 2021 Fashion Trends

fall fashion trends

As we shed our summer skins and look towards crisp air, changing leaves and pumpkin-spiced heaven, we embrace the beauty, complexity and light that this season has to offer. This fall marks a seasonal transition but also a cultural shift. We are slowly moving out of the isolation of the past year and looking towards what life can and will look like going forward. 

Fall 2021 fashion trends are rooted in this balance of retrospection and anticipation — paying homage to what came before with retro styles, patterns and colors that bring the best parts of past decades into our 2021 closets. While fall fashion trends have a retro flair, these styles are still rooted in modern aesthetics and function. 

This fall is all about versatility, comfort and adaptability. It’s about dresses that can be dressed up or down to match your mood and schedule. It’s about comfortable clothes that still look and feel brilliant. At Fame and Partners, we celebrate femininity, comfort and style in all forms. It’s about creating your own definition of luxury and diving headfirst into fall color fashion, curating a palette that speaks to your truth, personality and passions. 

Read on to discover the inspiration and context you need to help curate a fall wardrobe that celebrates the nuances and uniqueness of the season. 

Fall 2021 Color Trends

Nature has always influenced and impacted fashion. Winter styles tend to be darker and more dramatic, matching the muted colors and intense weather outside. Fall is the opposite, it’s Mother Nature’s season to impress with changing leaves, crisp blue skies, and radiant color displays that border on magic. 

This year, fall color fashion trends are veering towards the saturated and bold. Think yellows that are rich and engaging and pinks that demand your attention. Our new arrivals capture this fall 2021 fashion trend in a way that only we can — bringing saturated, unforgettable color to classic, customisable designs that allow you to infuse your personality and style into your fall looks. 

Refined Opulence 

Fall 2020 was all about stay-at-home chic, this fall...things are getting a bit more glam. One of the hottest fall fashion trends this year is sequins. These iconic embellishments have the rare ability to conjure up images of classic 1920’s glamour and modern extravagance. Sequins offer the opportunity to infuse life into any garment they adorn. At Fame and Partners, we love the dimension sequins bring to a dress and the way that they move seamlessly from casual to formal and back again. 

Supreme Versatility

We have all been through a collective journey and COVID-19 prompted fundamental shifts in how we live and work. This season’s fashion trends honor that shift, featuring looks that are comfortable enough for the home office, versatile enough to be elevated for an event or dressed down for a casual evening with loved ones. We’re talking about daywear that’s understated enough for an apple-picking excursion but contains enough structure and sophistication to be paired with a more formal piece for an evening event or dinner. 

Fall 2021 is about beauty in comfort. Materials that feel good on your skin, allow you to move and maintain their structure and shape when out in the world. Think satin, silk, and rich cotton. 

This year, we’re here for the staple pieces, outfits that can be mixed and matched and individual garments that are current enough for today’s trends and timeless enough to still be in rotation ten years from now. 

Colorful Accessories

Like their clothing counterparts, on-trend fall fashion accessories are rich and saturated in color. We aren’t talking about bright colors, we’re referencing deep, rich hues that pay homage to the dramatic, gorgeous color show that Mother Nature provides all season long. Marigolds, deep oranges, eye-catching blues. When it comes to fashion accessories, you want to make sure you’re curating a balanced look. 

For daywear, we suggest a subtle, light-handed approach to your fall fashion accessories, but, when the sun goes down, you can get more bold and heavy, using those accessories to really elevate your look.

Fall Into Fame and Partners

Fall 2021 is a rare opportunity to find newness and excitement in routines that once seemed ordinary and stale. Going into the office, meeting friends for dinner, things that once were commonplace are now treasured, valued experiences. Our clothing is a mere extension of what’s happening around us, and fall 2021 fashion trends are no exception. Versatile, bold, elegant, these trends could very well be used to describe our collective mindsets as we head into a brave new world. 

At Fame and Partners, we aim to stay ahead of the curve. While versatility is on the hot list this fall, it’s always been a central element to our design ethos and philosophy. We strive to create garments that meet today’s trends but maintain a timelessness and elegance that will keep them in your closet for years to come. 

Everything we make is made to order, which means that we design the clothes, and you get the final say on all of the finishing touches. From neckline to sleeve type and length, we give you the final sign-off on the looks you wear and the clothes you love. No matter what trends you’re into, Fame and Partners is here to bring that vision to life. 

At Fame and Partners, clothing is always made to order. Never mass-produced. Designed by us. Customisable by you.