Wedding Guests: What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

Fall wedding night shot with sparklers

If seasons had fan favorites, we’re pretty sure that fall would come out on top — and for good reason. Fall provides an unrivaled real-world color show that is unlike anything else we experience all year. The bright hues of changing leaves and ripe apples waiting to be picked. The dramatic contrasts of crisp air and a glowing orange fire. The beauty of orange pumpkins sitting amidst green fields. Fall is such a gorgeous and exciting time, so it’s not surprising that fall is one of the most popular and sought-after wedding seasons.

With everything that fall is, there’s one thing it is not: easy to predict. With transitional seasons like spring and fall, weather can be a bit of a wild-card which can make it hard to plan event attire, especially event attire as important and noteworthy as a wedding guest dress. Well, before you dive head-first into a Pinterest hole, we’re here to help. 

The following guide will help you nail your fall wedding guest dress looks and will tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about fall wedding attire. So sit back, bust out a pumpkin spice something and let’s get started.

How to Nail Fall Wedding Attire: A Six-Step Guide 

Step 1: (Dress) With All The Colors of the Wind

As with any event, when it comes to fall weddings, there are colors to gravitate to and a few to avoid. As we mentioned above, fall is a season filled with color, vibrance and texture. When planning your fall wedding attire, use fall’s natural beauty to inspire your look. 

For example, fall is a great season to play with colors like oranges, reds, yellows and rich hues like purple and brown. Fall is not the time to mute yourself, but our advice would be to keep your color palette rich and vibrant and to avoid pastels that scream spring flowers more than fall leaves. 

At Fame and Partners, we love the color diversity that fall offers wedding guests. Our wedding guest dress collection is filled with bright, autumnal stunners that will have you looking your wedding best all season long.

Step 2: Determine Your Dress Length

When searching for the perfect dress (or dresses) to wear to a fall wedding, length is key. Like spring, fall is a transitional season which means that you have more room to play with dress length than you would in summer or winter.

While long and short dresses both work well at fall weddings, we suggest trying to stay somewhere in the middle. When you go too short, you risk giving off some serious summer vibes. Too long and you risk getting overheated on warmer than usual fall nights. One of our favorite fall wedding looks is a classic (yet modern!) jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are great because they are comfortable, move well and give you the length you may want without feeling cumbersome or bulky. 

Step 3: Find the Perfect Footwear

Fall weddings allow for a lot when it comes to styles and ideas, but there is one category where fall weddings have a hard line: open-toed shoes. Open-toed shoes are great for summer and spring events, but should be avoided when dressing for a fall wedding. Rather than show some toe, we suggest opting for a closed-toe option, statement shoe or for more casual weddings, an elegant heeled bootie. Closed-toe options will keep your feet warm and give off a more formal and cold-weather vibe.

Step 4: Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Like any season, there are quintessential fall accessories, but less tends to be more. Fall weddings are the perfect time to bust out chunky, colorful accessories in rich, jewel colors (purples, blues, reds, etc.). Statement necklaces, bracelets and earrings all work well for a fall wedding, but just remember to only feature one statement piece per outfit. If you go with a bold or chunky necklace, make sure that your other jewelry is more subtle. 

Pro-tip: Pearls are a great fall accessory option. They are neutral yet stunning and offer an effortless, non-clashing boost to any outfit.

Step 5: Indoor/Outdoor And Everything In Between

Fall weather is the stuff that dreams are made of. Cool, sun-filled days often transition into brisk nights that offer just enough of a bite to keep you bundled up but loving the outdoors. For this reason, many people choose to host portions of their fall wedding outdoors. While outdoor cocktail hours and receptions allow guests to embrace the beauty of the season, chilly temperatures tend to create some real outfit challenges. 

When planning your fall wedding attire, we suggest opting for sleeves. While you don’t have to feel confined to long-sleeved or quarter-sleeve options, try to look for a dress that at least covers the tops of your shoulders. This look has more to do with keeping your arms warm than it does with seasonal trends and style. 

If your fall wedding will have outdoor features, pair your dress or jumpsuit with a cropped blazer, shrug or chic and multifaceted wrap. These extra layers will keep you warm while outdoors but also perform double duty for venues that are highly air-conditioned or just chilly in general. 

Step 6: Dress to Impress….and to Code

Like any other wedding season, fall weddings tend to be bound by dress codes. If you’re attending a more laid-back wedding, opt for a casual fall wedding guest dress that’s simple, classic and can be dressed up with accessories and footwear. A good way to decide whether or not your casual fall wedding dress is “too much” is to ask yourself “would I wear this to a work event?” If the answer is no, opt for something less bold. If the answer is’re golden. At Fame and Partners, our cocktail collection has some great casual wedding guest looks in vibrant fall colors. 

Formal weddings are where things get interesting. Formal fall weddings are the time to explore evening gowns and even high-end cocktail dresses featuring beading and other embellishments. Look for formal gowns in fall colors that have a little something extra to make them stand out. Sequins, get the picture. With formal fall weddings, we suggest keeping things floor-length, but if that just isn’t your thing, feel free to go shorter — but aim for below the knee if possible. 

Wrapping Up

No matter what fall wedding or weddings, you have on your agenda, Fame and Partners is a great choice for your wedding guest dress. Our dresses are sustainable, environmentally friendly and made-to-order. This is all a fancy way of saying that we design the dress and you pick out the finishing touches. Everything from neckline to length and sleeve type is up to you, giving you a dress that is uniquely YOU. 

Live life to the fullest. Dress like you mean it.