What is a Micro Wedding?

What is a micro wedding

Micro Weddings Defined

Micro weddings are small-scale weddings that usually host up to about 50 people. Unlike larger weddings, micro weddings are primarily for family and close friends. With more condensed guest lists, these smaller celebrations have grown in popularity as COVID-conscious planners look for ways to host pandemic-safe events. 

A micro wedding is the perfect middle ground event between a large traditional wedding and a small intimate elopement. You get the intimacy of a small ceremony with the fanfare and celebratory environment of a larger event. 

How to Plan a Micro Wedding 

While micro weddings may be smaller than traditional weddings, they still require a great deal of planning and coordination. In fact, planning one is surprisingly similar to planning a large wedding — the main difference is that instead of selecting plates and food for 300 people, you’re making decisions for 50. 

As with any wedding, micro wedding planning involves five core elements:

1) Season

One of the first things to nail down when planning your wedding is season and timing. The timing of your wedding will often influence every other decision you make (indoors/outdoors, dark colors/light colors, floral arrangements, etc.). It’s best to determine your ideal season or climate early on so you can dive into the rest of your planning duties and make decisions accordingly.

2) Venue

After you’ve decided whether you’re going for a vibrant fall vibe or a stunning winter scene, you can think about your venue. Micro weddings are smaller than traditional ceremonies which gives you more venues to consider. 

For example, if you and your partner have a favorite restaurant, you could consider renting the space for the night and introducing your loved ones to your cherished stomping grounds. Parks, beaches and even theaters also tend to be easier to book with a smaller guest list. 

3) Theme and Color Palette

Select a theme and color palette for your event that compliments the season of your wedding, your selected venue and your personal bridal style and taste. 

4) Attire

Micro brides-to-be should not hesitate to embrace extravagance with their dress. The first big decision here will be what bridal style and silhouette you are most connected with. 

At Fame and Partners, our bridal collection ranges from traditional and classic to modern and unconventional. Once you’ve selected “the one” for your big day, it will be easier to make decisions about bridesmaid and wedding party looks and wedding guest dress codes and attire recommendations. 

5) Food and Drink

Just because micro weddings are small, doesn’t mean that this is the time to overlook the importance of food and drink. Since these minimized guest lists are more selective, many couples use them as an opportunity to splurge on food and drink options since you’re only serving those closest to you. 

Fame and Partners: Your Partner in All Things Wedding

Fame and Partners has everything you need to execute your micro wedding in style. From bridal gowns to wedding party dresses and wedding guest outfits, our collections are fresh, original and customisable to fit their style. The designs are ours, but the final touches — from the neckline, sleeve length and hem — are all yours. Better yet, everything we sell is made-to-order which means less waste, more intention and better clothes. 

Your wedding, made-to-order.