Wedding Color Schemes for the Springtime

spring wedding color schemes

Left: The Two Piece in Pale Pink. RightThe Valley Maxi Dress in Champagne.

Spring is the perfect time to get married. As nature takes in a needed breath of renewal and rebirth, the sky seems bluer, the trees more full and life just feels more vibrant and colorful. While spring offers the perfect backdrop to say “I do” there are definitely spring wedding colors that work better than others. With the right spring wedding color schemes, you can create the wedding aesthetic of your wildest dreams. 

Picture Perfect Spring Wedding Color Schemes 

When you’re planning a spring wedding, you want to pick spring wedding colors that compliment the beauty and brightness that unfold in nature during this time. Since the spring wedding colors you choose will determine the colors and accents of your wedding and bridesmaid dresses and will help your guests decide what to wear to a spring wedding, this is a critical decision. 


Pink is a classic spring wedding color that we are big fans of. Now, when we say pink we are talking lighter shades of pink that match the colors of springtime flowers like tulips and calla lilies. The benefit of pink is that it goes well with so many other colors and tends to look flattering on most skin tones. 

Color scheme pairings: Green, Blue, Orange.

Stay on the lighter side to avoid a color scheme that’s too intense or too “moody” for a wedding. 


Lilac and other pale purples evoke feelings of renewal and fresh blooms, creating a visual connection to the joy and excitement of the season. Lilac does go well with other colors, but make sure that if you choose a light purple, complement it with colors that will highlight its vibrancy like white or lighter, more airy options.

Color scheme pairings: White, Pink, Green.

When choosing pink, go with lighter shades that will allow lilac to shine. When going with white, opt for soft whites to create a gorgeous and calming palette that will photograph well. 

Pale Blue

You can’t get more spring than a pale blue. Baby birds, the morning sky, hydrangeas, baby blue conjures up images of some of spring's most heartwarming aspects. 

Color scheme pairings: Pink, Red, Green.

Again, when choosing spring wedding color schemes that include blue, opt for lighter shades of all colors involved. Think a gorgeous pale blue and peachy pink bouquet or a pine green dress accent on a pale blue bridesmaid dress. 


Mint is one of those colors that, when done right, can bring a modern and stunning element into your big day. Mint is crisp, clean and elegant, offering a “bold” color that makes a statement without being too loud or distracting. Mint also looks great next to other spring wedding colors like pinks, purples and yellows.

Color scheme pairings: Yellow, Purple, Gray. 

Champagne yellows and golds really bring out the beauty and starkness of mint. Similarly, a mint base with lavender and white accents creates a clean, crisp and engaging palette that enhances photos and connects guests with the joy and renewal of the season.

Canary Yellow

Is there anything more stunning than walking into a room filled with canary yellow outfits and accents? This shade of yellow is elegant, timeless and elevated, offering a calming spring wedding color that also engages your guests and inspires visions of fields of daisies and springtime sun. 

Color scheme pairings: Blue, Purple, White.

Like some of the other colors on this list, canary yellow is a delicate color, so make sure to choose lighter shades of purple, blue and white to avoid overpowering your base. A canary yellow bouquet with pale blue, lilac and white flowers added is one of our favorite spring wedding looks. We also love canary yellow bridesmaid dresses that are adorned with white accents and jewelry. 

How to Choose a Spring Color Wedding Dress

While most brides choose to go with the classic white dress, there is room to incorporate spring colors into your wedding dress. For example, some brides may choose accessories that match their spring wedding color scheme like jewelry with pink diamonds or light sapphires. 

Other brides opt for spring color wedding dresses that pay homage to white like walking down the aisle in a gorgeous pale pink gown or a canary yellow dress. These dresses are light enough to evoke images of the classic white wedding dress but add a modern twist and dimension. 

How to Choose a Spring Color Bridesmaid Dress

Like any wedding, your spring color bridesmaid dresses should be selected to match the people in your wedding party. Pay attention to things like skin tone and hair color and select dresses that compliment your spring wedding scheme without overpowering or drowning out the people that are standing up there with you. 

Fame and Partners: Your Partner in Springtime Bliss

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