Wedding Color Schemes for Summertime

summer wedding colors

LeftPleated Side Cutout Dress in Pale Blue. RightGathered Cup Slip Dress in Warm Blush.

Summer is all about light, life and love. With its explosion of warmth, sun and color, summer brings a certain energy to weddings and helps to shape gorgeous celebrations and serves as a strong backdrop for stunning wedding photos. As with all dynamic seasons, summer wedding colors and summer wedding color schemes have to be carefully curated to ensure a match with the colors and aura of the season. 

Summer Wedding Color Schemes 

When you’re planning a summer wedding, the first question is often “what are the best wedding colors for summer?” Summer wedding colors should be vibrant without being overwhelming. Unlike winter, you don’t want a summer wedding color scheme that is too intense or you risk losing the airy, light energy of the warmer months. When it comes to summer wedding colors, these are our favorite bases:

Blush Pink

Blush pink is a staple in the summer wedding color palette as it conveys soft femininity that is serene yet bold. A flush of pink distinguishes and elevates without diminishing the rest of your summer color theme.

  • Wedding color scheme pairings: Gold, Ivory

Mint Green

Mint green lends an energy of vitality, crispness and elegance. The coolness of mint syncs perfectly with summer months and conjures up images of full trees, dreamy landscapes and a cold pistachio ice cream on a warm July night. 

  • Wedding color scheme pairings: Blush, Pale Blue

Canary Yellow

Notes of Canary yellow take you from a dancefloor to a warm beach on a sunny day. We love canary yellow because it brings the light of summer into your summer wedding color scheme in a way that maintains the elegance and aesthetic intention of your celebration. 

  • Wedding color scheme pairings: Sage Green, Peach, Blush

Pale Blue

The tranquility of the ocean, a crisp lake, a cloudless sky. Pale blue is a quintessential dress shade that is versatile and complementary to most others.

  • Wedding color scheme pairings: Mint, Ivory, Champagne, Blush


Ivory is known for its timeless luxurious appeal as the staple cosmetic neutral for weddings. Not quite white, not quite gray, ivory is the perfect dress color for summer weddings since it's easy to pair and will automatically brighten any color palette or summer wedding color scheme. 

  • Wedding color scheme pairings: Pale Blue, Blush, Lilac

Dress Colors for Summer Weddings

Summer Bridal Dress Colors: Obviously, when it comes to wedding dresses, ivory and white still reigns supreme, but we encourage you to get creative! Some summer brides choose to accent their classic white gown with summer wedding color accessories. Think blush-colored stone jewelry or canary yellow shoes. 

For brides who are looking for non-white bridal options, we love a canary yellow, ivory or blush gown. With blush, if you go light enough it will give you the feeling of white with a bit more texture and complexity. 

Summer Bridesmaid Dress Colors: Summer bridesmaid dress colors should match the rest of the summer wedding colors that you select. Wedding parties clad in canary yellows, blushes, lilacs and golds always look absolutely stunning in photos. Always remember to make sure that the dresses you choose complement the general aesthetic and mood you are trying to create. 

Summer Wedding Guest Dress Colors: If you’ve been invited to a summer wedding this year, you’re in luck. Summer wedding guest dress colors are always vibrant and fun. 

When thinking of dress colors for summer weddings, think blushes, mints, peaches, golds and pale blues. You’re going to want to go with a summer wedding guest dress color that is light, classy and matches the excitement and energy of the season and the event. 

Fame and Partners: Your Best Summer Accessory 

At Fame and Partners, we wait all year for the summer wedding season. Our collection of bridal, bridesmaids and wedding guest dresses is fresh, diverse and has everything you need to match the light and excitement of the season. Have multiple summer wedding color schemes in mind and want to see what your options will look like in real life? Fame and Partners will gladly send you some swatches to help make your final decision fool-proof and error-free.

All of our summer wedding dresses are fully customizable and designed to accentuate the uniqueness and brilliance that makes you, you. 

Your wedding, your style, your way. Fame and Partners, let’s make summer magic.