A Guide to Dress Neckline Types

different dress necklines

Left: The Bond Dress in Pastel Multi Fluted Sequin. Right: The Rosaphine Dress in Chain floral Champagne Light Weight Crepe.

When it comes to looking and feeling your best in any dress you put on, the neckline is crucial. The neckline that you select will shape the way that your face is highlighted and accentuated and frames your look from neck to toe. 

Like everything else dress-related, your dress neckline is an aspect of your look that deserves significant thought and planning. With so many different dress necklines and dress neckline types to choose from, it can be hard out which one is right for you and your body. 

Our dress neckline guide will help to demystify this decision, giving you everything you need to pick the perfect dress neckline type, and the perfect dress, for your body, occasion, and desired look. 

The Importance of Mastering Your Dress Neckline Type

The difference between a good dress and a great dress usually comes down to the neckline. While sometimes overlooked for aspects like length and structure (which are also very important), different types of dress necklines can change the shape of your face, shorten or elongate your silhouette and have a substantial impact on the flow and vibe of your outfit. 

For example, a sweetheart neckline can flatter your torso and can keep you from looking like you’re swimming in your dress. For people wanting to take a more buttoned-up and conservative approach, a high neckline is a great way to get that classic look and also tends to photograph extremely well. 

When it comes to different dress necklines, there are ten that tend to dominate the current dress and jumpsuit landscape. 

The V-Neck

example of v neck dress neckline

The V-Neck is a great type of dress neckline for people who would like to lengthen their torso in their dress. Whether you go with a deep or a subtle V, this neckline will give your overall look some length and tends to work well on most dresses that have sleeves or straps. 

  • Benefits: Elongates the body, highlights the collarbone and chest, great for all bust sizes. 

The Sweetheart

example of sweetheart dress neckline

The Sweetheart Neckline gets its name from its unique shape which is fashioned to resemble the top portion of a heart. Like the V-Neck, this neckline is a great choice for people who want to create an elongated appearance and highlight their chest and neck.

For women with larger busts, the semi-sweetheart can be a more comfortable option as it provides a bit more support and structure to keep everything in place. 

  • Benefits: Lengthens the body, frames face well, highlights the collarbone and chest, great for all bust sizes. 

The Straight Neckline

example of a straight dress neckline

The Straight Neckline is modern, elegant, and everything you want it to be. Like the Sweetheart, the Straight Neckline highlights the chest and collarbones while creating an elongating effect. 

The big difference between the Sweetheart and the Straight Neckline is the support provided. While the Sweetheart has a lot of give, Straight Necklines tend to come with a bit more structure and support. This neckline is almost exclusively seen on strapless dresses.

  • Benefits: Elongates the body, highlights the collarbone and chest, great for all bust sizes. 

The Draped Neckline

example of draped dress neckline

Draped Necklines, also known as Cowl Necklines, are defined by the draped fabric that they include around the neck. These necklines are often rounded and can go as deep and low as a V-Neck pattern. 

The caveat with a draped neckline is that they can add weight and bulk to the chest, so this neckline is not always ideal for people with a larger bust or who would like to take attention away from their chest or neck. 

  • Benefits: Great for small bust sizes, frames face and shoulders well. 


The High Neckline

example of high dress neckline

There are few necklines that are as classic and elegant as the High Neckline. High Necklines are just what they sound like, necklines that go higher up on the neck and give a more conservative and classic look. This neckline is perfect for people with long necks but works well with all body types and is one of our favorites for the chic elegance it brings to any garment. 

  • Benefits: Works for all body and face types, lengthens and highlights the neck, classic and elegant. 


The Asymmetric Neckline

example of asymmetrical dress neckline

Asymmetric Necklines are necklines that only cover one shoulder, giving a…well…asymmetric appearance. The cut of this neckline tends to fall below the collarbone, highlighting your bust and squaring your shoulders. If you have a narrow frame, this neckline can help you create a more broad appearance and, we happen to think an Asymmetric neckline adds some flare and character to any dress.

  • Benefits: Highlights bust and shoulders, fun, unique. 


The Crew Neckline

example of crew dress neckline

When people hear “crew” they often go right to t-shirts, and they’re not wrong. A Crew Neckline is rounded and mimics a crew neck T. We love this neckline because it frames faces and chests very well and gives a classic, chic appearance that works with formal and casual cuts. 

  • Benefits: Great for all face and body types, classic, versatile. 


The Square Neckline

example of square dress neckline

The Square Neckline, also known as the Empire Neckline, is an angular neckline that hits your chest on the points of your shoulders. 

This is a great choice for anyone looking for a slimming effect on their shoulders while highlighting their bust, chest, and neck. What we love about the Square Neckline is that you can widen or shrink the severity of this style, giving you the option of going with something more subtle or striking. 

  • Benefits: Highlights chest, bust, and neck while slimming down the shoulder line. 

The Plunging Neckline

example of plunging dress neckline

Who doesn’t love a Plunging Neckline? This is a classic neckline that goes as low as you want it to. Some people choose to take their Plunging Neckline as low as their waist, giving their dress a sexy yet elegant feel. 

  • Benefits: Elongates the body and torso, adds fun and flare to even the most conservative looks.



The Scoop Neckline

example of scoop dress neckline

Scoop Necklines are classic and are defined by a “scoop” that covers both shoulders. Since this neckline scoops down from the shoulders, it’s a great neckline for someone who wants to really accentuate the chest and collarbone area. 

While Scoop Necklines are most commonly seen on bridal dresses, they can work with any dress but do veer more towards formal or semi-formal looks. 

  • Benefits: Classic, accentuates chest and collarbones, timeless.

Fame and Partners: Your Neckline, Your Way 

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