What to Wear to a Wedding: A Guide for Wedding Guests

Wedding guests at wedding ceremony

Ok, so you’re invited to a wedding. As visions of dancing to 80’s classics and drinking free champagne flood your mind, that moment of panic hits: “what do I wear?”. Before you go down a Google spiral, take a breath and let us walk you through our handy wedding dress code guide. At Fame and Partners, we know a thing or two about wedding dress codes, and we are here to demystify wedding guest dress code etiquette. 

What to Wear to a Wedding: 5 Style Tips

Weddings are some of the happiest celebrations, and being in attendance is an honor itself. Watching two people take their first steps into the rest of their lives is an experience like no other. Similar to other important life events, there are things to do and things to avoid when it comes to wedding guest style. To help you master your wedding guest looks, we’ve put together a list of five key tips to achieve wedding guest style success:

  • Be You
  • The number one secret to wedding guest dress code success is to wear something that reflects your style. One of the biggest wedding guest outfit mistakes we see is when people try to rock a style that isn’t comfortable or authentic to them. When you are comfortable in what you are wearing, you’re more confident and better able to bring your true self to the table — or dancefloor. 

    At Fame and Partners, creating outfits that enable people to be their true and authentic selves is one of our driving missions. Our wedding guest dresses reflect a diverse range of styles and personalities, giving you the ability to show up in the best way possible. 

  • Fit is Everything
  • Few things are worse than spending a joyous evening in an outfit that is too tight, too big, too short...you get the picture. Weddings are for celebrating, not worrying about an ill-fitted dress falling down or coming apart at the seams. 

    When searching for the perfect wedding guest outfit, you want to make sure you can move comfortably and freely in whatever you choose. When you show up in something that doesn’t feel right, you risk spending more time thinking about how uncomfortable you are and less time focused on the moment at hand.

    One of the best ways to ensure a perfect fit is to try your dress on before the event. Go for a walk in the dress, break out some dance moves, really allow yourself to get a sense of what moving in the garment will feel like. Giving your dress a test-run will help you avoid fit malfunctions on the big day. 

    Another tip is to look for customizable dress options, like the ones we offer at Fame and Partners. A customizable dress allows you to take existing designs and personalize specific aspects to your liking. Our dresses come in standard sizes but you have the power to choose the accents and features. For example, if you find a dress on our site that you love, but the neckline doesn’t suit your preference, you can change it up, giving you an ensemble that is quintessentially you. 

  • Don’t Go Overboard
  • While you may be thrilled to dress up for your friend’s or family member’s nuptials, it’s important to remember that it’s not your day. When shopping for your wedding guest dress, choose something elegant and fun, but not over-the-top or distracting. For example, showing up in a flowy, elegant wrap dress is a big yes. Showing up in a mini skirt and gold lamé top is a big no. Choose wisely and appropriately to ensure you perfectly match the expected attire of the event.

  • Trendless is the Best Trend
  • Have you ever looked at wedding pictures from the 80s and thought “wow, what were they thinking?” If this decade taught us one thing, it’s that trends come and go...sometimes rather quickly. If you want a wedding guest look that will stand the test of time, go with something simple, classic and trendless. 

  • Choose Something Chic and Colorful
  • There’s a reason black is known as the color that can go anywhere and match anything. Black is great. It’s flattering, classy, fun — the total package. With that said, unless you’re at a black-tie event, showing up to a wedding in something bright is a great way to symbolize the joy of the day and to help foster a cheery and bright mood at the event. 

    One tip, white should be avoided, and if you have a dress that you're unsure about, check with the couple getting married to make sure that your selection fits into their desired theme and guest aesthetic.

    Pro-Tip: Follow the Wedding Dress Codes

    Wedding guest dress codes are there for a reason. They allow you to understand what ambiance and aesthetic the (soon-to-be) married couple is aiming for. While dress codes can seem restrictive, they are actually very liberating as it gives you a framework within which to work your dress-picking magic. 

    One thing to keep in mind, no matter what the dress code is, our five pillars of wedding guest dress selection still stand: look for something comfortable that fits well, isn’t too bold or outrageous and reflects who you are and what you like. 

    Fame and Partners: Style, Personalized. 

    When it comes to wedding guest dresses, Fame and Partners is tough to beat. Each garment we produce is designed to be personalized, which means that we provide the design and you make it your own.

    From sleeve to neckline, you decide what works best for you, your style and your body. Made-to-order isn’t only stylish and body-conscious, it’s also eco-friendly. Customizable means that we produce less and conserve more. 

    When it comes to wedding guest outfits, we have hundreds of dresses and jumpsuits to choose from, which means you have hundreds of chances to find a wedding guest dress that matches your style and the tone and theme of your event.

    Consume less, live more, dress better.