What is a Minimony?

what is a minimony

While there used to be a somewhat strict “wedding formula,” today, modern couples have more flexibility in how they choose to shape their big day. 

Micro weddings are a great option for couples looking for smaller versions of a traditional wedding. But while micro weddings are small, they still tend to include up to 50 guests, and for some couples, that’s still a crowd that’s a bit too large. If that’s the case for you, a minimony may be the better option. 

They offer the look and feel of an intimate wedding at a size that works for budget and pandemic-conscious couples. But what is a minimony? And how does one successfully plan a special one? 

At Fame and Partners, we are small wedding experts, and we’re here to help you navigate all things minimony. 

Minimony Defined

Minimonies are small-scale weddings that usually host up to 15 guests. With a small and exclusive guest list, they are usually reserved for very close friends and family. This creates a close, intimate environment where you can celebrate your pending nuptials with those who helped bring you and your partner together. 

Many couples find the minimony a special way to celebrate their union in person while adhering to recent COVID-19 protocols and social distancing guidelines. They can also include in-person and virtual participation, keeping the real-life guest list short but still allowing others to participate online. 

How to Plan a Minimony: Attire and Essentials

While minimonies may be smaller than traditional weddings, they still require careful planning and steller execution. They also call for thoughtful fashion choices. When looking at planning, you should pay attention to these core elements:

1. Season

Like any wedding, season is crucial to determining the look, feel and venue of your event. The season will also determine what you wear to your wedding as different temperatures and aesthetics call for different bridal outfit choices. 

Bridal Attire for Winter and Fall: For winter and fall brides, we suggest going with long-sleeved dresses with a lot of lace and fabric (think ballgown). Colder-season weddings are dramatic with their snowy or leaf-changing backdrops, and intricate dresses help play to that aesthetic. If you opt for a sleeveless dress, accessories will quickly become your friend. Think faux fur-lined shawls for those who want a more traditional look and short jackets and cover-ups for brides looking for a bit of an edge.

Bridal Attire for Spring and Summer: For warmer weather brides, we recommend sleeveless and backless options that celebrate warmth, light and the excitement of this time of year. Spring and summer offer the ideal time to play with dress shapes, such as midi or column gowns. Of course, we love ballgowns year-round, and you can’t go wrong with dressing yourself for a warm-weather walk down the aisle.

2. Venue

Minimonies are intimate occasions, which means you can get away with booking a smaller venue. If you are looking for a sentimental venue, think about renting out the movie theater where you had your first date or the restaurant where your partner proposed. If you want something more traditional, parks and hotels are also great options, and many of their smaller wedding spaces are simply breathtaking.

3. Bridesmaid and Guest Attire

When it comes down to what to wear for a small wedding, just remember that a minimony is just like any other wedding. With that said, due to their size, minimonies tend to cost less than larger weddings, so many couples use this benefit to take things to the next level and throw formal, black-tie affairs. Conversely, minimonies can also be your opportunity to throw a thoughtful, relaxed wedding. 

Whatever attire theme you decide on, make sure that your guests and bridesmaids are well aware of the aesthetic you want to create so that they can dress the part. 

4. Food and Drink

Like any wedding, food is central to a successful minimony. While it’s easier to feed 15 guests rather than 300, make sure you put thought into the dishes you offer and ensure that all food allergies and preferences are accounted for.

Fame and Partners: Your Partner in All Things Wedding

Fame and Partners has everything you need to ensure that your minimony looks and feels exactly like you imagined. From brides to wedding guests and bridesmaids, our bridal collection is curated to offer fresh, original and customisable designs that redefine what it means to be a modern bride. We design the dresses; you decide on the finishing touches — like neckline, sleeve length and hem —that make them shine. Everything we create is made-to-order, meaning less waste, more intention and better clothing. 

It’s your wedding, made-to-order.