What is an Elopement Wedding?

what is an elopement wedding

Eloping might be one of those things that you’ve always heard about but maybe don’t quite understand. So, what is eloping? 

Eloping or an elopement wedding refers to a couple getting married without informing their friends and family. There are many reasons why people elope, ranging from spontaneity to a thirst for adventure, but the one thing that elopements have in common is the secrecy factor. Eloping can be a great way to say “I do” in a non-traditional way that eliminates some of the costs and pressures associated with more traditional wedding ceremonies.

But before you (secretly) say “I do,” here’s some helpful information on eloping vs. wedding festivities. 

Eloping vs. a Traditional Wedding

One of the main differences between an elopement wedding and a more traditional option is the sense of secrecy. Traditional weddings, no matter how intimate or how large, tend to include friends and family and are planned with full transparency of the happy couple’s pending nuptials. 

Elopement weddings, on the other hand, are performed without the knowledge of friends and family and usually only include the couple and an officiant. A couple may decide to elope for many reasons, but one of the primary drivers is often to avoid the stress, cost and planning involved in executing a more traditional ceremony. 

While elopement weddings are smaller than traditional weddings, there is still some planning to be done. Couples who choose to elope in exotic locations must plan their outfits, book a hotel, secure a venue and arrange an officiant. Even couples looking to elope at home still need to secure a venue and officiant to ensure that the day, or night, is as romantic and official as possible. 

What to Wear When You’re Eloping 

One of the most common questions we hear about elopements is, “What do you wear when you’re eloping?” The answer is whatever you want. 

As always, we believe brides should wear whatever looks and feels best on them. Some brides choose to elope beachside clad in sandals and bikinis. While others choose more classic options and opt for elopement ceremonies as romantic and grand as a large wedding, even if the guest list is narrowed down to only two. 

We love the flexibility that elopement weddings provide, and there is nothing more breathtaking than a bride standing at an altar wearing a dramatic ball gown or stunning lace maxi. 

An elopement wedding is whatever you dream it to be, so use your ceremony as an opportunity to walk down the aisle wearing what makes you feel as happy and secure as you are. 

Fame and Partners: Your (Not-So-Secret) Elopement Support

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But if you decide eloping isn’t for you, explore our carefully curated collection of bridesmaids and wedding guest dresses that will help set the tone for whatever ceremony you and your partner decide on. 

It’s your wedding, make it your own.