What to Wear to a Double Quinceañera

what to wear to a quinceanera

Left: The Corset Tiered Gown in Light Nude. Right: The Sarah Gown in Navy.

For many of us, Quinceañeras marked a major life moment, and like most nostalgic events, Quinceañeras are resurfacing and being rebranded for a more adult audience. As Double, or “doble” Quinceañeras become more popular you may find yourself wondering “what is a double quinceañera” and, perhaps even more importantly “what to wear to a double quinceañera?” 

What is a Double Quinceañera? 

In order to understand what a double quinceañera is, you have to first master the definition of a traditional quinceañera. 

A quinceañera is a birthday celebration for young girls which marks their 15th birthday (quince translates to fifteen in Spanish) and also commemorates their progression from girl to woman. In America, Mexico and throughout Central and South America, quinceañeras are a major life moment and like any celebration, there are customs and dress codes that are specific to the quinceañera. 

The double quinceañera, which is also called a “doble quinceañera” or a treintanera is a modern remix of the quinceañera which is used to celebrate a woman’s 30th birthday (15, doubled). Like the original quinceañera, double quinceañeras come with their own customs and dress codes, some of which are in line with the traditional quinceañera and some that have been created to differentiate the two events. 

What to Wear to a Double Quinceañera 

If you’re a guest: Like a traditional quinceañera, most double quinceañeras are formal events. This means evening or cocktail dresses are going to be your best and safest bet. When looking at what to wear to a double quinceañera, focus on longer double quinceañera dresses that don’t reveal too much skin and that are elegant and tasteful. 

While treintaneras are parties, they are rooted in quinceañera tradition which have many religious elements. We suggest going with modest maxi and cocktail dresses or elevated jumpsuits. When it comes to patterns, feel free to experiment but avoid anything too bold. For example floral is OK but animal print may be a bit much. 

Pro-tip: NEVER show up in a double quinceañera dress that is the same color as the birthday girl and guest of honor. 

If you’re the birthday girl: Traditional quinceañera dresses are big and wide. Think ball gowns with extravagant, voluminous skirts. When deciding on double quinceañera dresses, many women tend to stick with this theme and choose an elevated and adult-style ball gown. 

For women who don’t like the look or feel of a ball gown, opt for a formal look that’s equally stunning, like a maxi dress, jumpsuit or ruffled wrap dress. Whatever ensemble you choose, just make sure that you let your guests know what color you select so they don’t show up in the same shade or hue!

Other Factors to Keep in Mind When Deciding What to Wear to a Double Quinceañera

  • Dress code: While most double quinceañeras are formal, modern soon-to-be thirty-year-olds sometimes change things up and go with a more casual vibe. Like any event, your outfit should always match the dress code.
  • Time of year: Plan your double quinceañera outfit based on the season of the party. Winter events call for darker, more rich colors and styles while summer invites lighter dresses and more vibrant designs. 
  • Location: You want your look to match the aesthetic of the event, so make sure you choose an outfit that compliments your event location.

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