What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

what to wear to a spring wedding

Spring is the official start of the wedding season, and for good reason. With its flowers, sun and warm temperatures, spring is one of the most romantic seasons of the year. While spring provides the perfect backdrop for a walk down the aisle, it is a transition season and with that in mind, it can be difficult to decide what to wear to a spring wedding. 

Spring wedding guest outfits bring a lightness and fun that provides room for creativity and bursting personality. When executed correctly, spring wedding attire is versatile and easily incorporated into other aspects of your seasonal wardrobe. But where do you begin your search? We’re here to help.

General Do’s and Don'ts of Spring Wedding Attire

What Colors to Wear to a Spring Wedding 

Do: Bright, cheery, fun. 

Spring is nature’s time to shine, and we mean that literally. As flowers bloom and trees come back to life, outdoor scenes move from dark and bare to bright and pastel. Just like we recommend for winter, summer and fall, your spring outfit choices should mirror Mother Nature’s palette. We love pastels, floral prints and vibrant colors for spring wedding attire but just make sure not to overdo it with the patterns

Don’t: Dark, dramatic, overpowering. 

Spring wedding guest outfits should be light, colorful and match with the general look and feel of the season. When you go too dark with your outfit selection (think rich, bold and intense colors like dark reds, browns and greens) you risk clashing with the mood and aesthetic of the wedding you’re about to attend. While dark and intense work well for winter and fall events, they’re less appropriate for spring and summer. 

How Short is Too Short?

Do: Experiment with length.

Spring is airy and breezy and, depending on the dress code of the wedding you’ve been invited to, it’s the perfect time to try out some shorter looks, but we recommend sticking to the “fingertip rule” so if it falls above your fingertips leave it at home. While your fingers are (literally) the limit, there is a wide selection of mini and maxi-length dresses that wouldn’t work well in cooler weather but that are perfect for all of your spring wedding guest outfit needs.

Don’t: Wear anything that falls above your fingertips.

Decoding Spring Wedding Dress Codes

Dress codes are the most helpful and vital pieces of information that you can gather from a wedding invite. These handy codes: black-tie, formal and casual give you everything that you need to put together the perfect spring wedding attire in a way that will mesh with your friends and loved one’s aesthetic goals for the day or night. 

Daytime weddings tend to be more casual and nighttime events more formal. If you’re invited to a daytime wedding and the dress code isn’t made clear on the invite, check with your friends or family to ensure that you’re going with the right outfit choice and theme.

Black-Tie Spring Wedding: Black-tie weddings are glamorous and straightforward when it comes to what to wear and what to leave at home. As its name suggests, black-tie weddings are as formal as they come and if you are invited to a springtime black-tie affair, we suggest going with long gowns, formal cocktail dresses and formal jumpsuits. 

When it comes to color choice, black can sometimes feel like “too much” for a wedding, so you can also go with a very light pink, navy or another color that gives the air of black and white without actually being black or white. 

Pro-tip: Never wear white to a wedding unless it is specifically requested in the wedding invitation. Wearing white when you are not the bride is considered a faux-pas and can offend or upset the bride. 

Formal Spring Weddings: Formal weddings are the middle-ground between black-tie and casual. Springtime formal weddings call for long dresses and gowns, elegant pantsuits and jumpsuits and elevated cocktail dresses. We love a long, flowing ruffled look or a gown that incorporates floral prints or other tasteful patterns that pay homage to the beauty and majesty of the spring season.

Semi-Formal and Casual Spring Wedding: Spring practically begs for couples to get outside and enjoy nature while celebrating their love and commitment. From garden parties to barn weddings and lakeside events, many outdoor spring weddings come with a more relaxed and casual dress code and aesthetic. While casual weddings do make it slightly easier to decide what to wear to a spring wedding, there are still guidelines that you should stay firmly within. 

Casual and semi-formal dress codes invite wedding guests to relax and offer more flexibility in terms of what works and what doesn’t. With that in mind, try to avoid getting too relaxed and stick with sophisticated yet comfortable options like a silky wrap dress, fitted jumpsuit, a flowy maxi look or a sundress outfitted with accessories that elevate the glam factor. Feel free to go with a classic mini or a shorter dress option, but stick to lengths that are tasteful and wedding-appropriate. 

Casual spring weddings are also great opportunities to experiment with spring-friendly floral patterns and with two piece dresses that may not work in a more formal setting. 

But What About Weather?

Spring is a magical season, but it is also a season that’s prone to unpredictability. When you’re preparing your spring wedding guest outfits, make sure that you check the weather forecast and plan accordingly.

Rain: Rainy weddings can be romantic and dramatic, but they can also wreak havoc on unprepared guests. If your outdoor wedding calls for rain, make sure to leave your heels and open-toed shoes at home and opt for flats and closed-toe options. Heels can easily get caught in wet sand, mud and dirt and can lead to some nasty falls and sprained ankles.

Chilly Temperatures: If your springtime wedding calls for cold weather, incorporate a shawl, light jacket or coat into your outfit to ensure you stay warm and comfortable throughout the event. Shawls and other cover-ups can really enhance an outfit so go with an option that brings dynamism to your wedding guest look.

When thinking about shoes, open-toed options may lead to cold toes. Opt for a nice pump or other heeled option that keeps your feet covered and gives you the warmth and support you need. 

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