Customisable Ball Gowns

Few pieces of clothing carry as much elegance and class as the ball gown. These time-honored dresses shine with glamour of days past, offering a dramatic silhouette that immediately enhances the look and feel of a room.

At Fame and Partners, our customisable ball gowns blend aesthetics old and new, paying homage to the classic beauty of the ball gown while updating the genre for the modern woman. We believe in the power of individuality, that’s why we design dresses that are made to be customised. From the neckline to the hem length, we leave the finishing touches to you.

Ball Gowns Made-to-Order

Ball gowns don’t need to be so rigid. Modern formalwear gives you the ability to experiment with different lengths and silhouettes, allowing you to create a dressy look that reflects your style and suits your body. Wrap yourself in a beautiful floor-length wrap dress to style an elevated evening look. Go for a shorter length ball gown for a little more edge. The options are truly endless.

Our design model is simple, we design the dresses, you make them your own. The result is stunning formalwear that reflects your unique personality and style. Our made-to-order gowns give you the style and versatility you need to look and feel your best. Made-to-order also means less waste, more freedom and clothing you can feel good about wearing.

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