Customizable Cocktail Dresses

A luxurious cocktail dress can take you anywhere — it’s versatile and designed to align with the many dress codes that come with all of the occasions and life events decorating your calendar. Like most dresses, the best cocktail dresses are the ones that allow you to wear your unique style and personality. At Fame and Partners, we have curated a collection of customizable cocktail dresses that meet the diverse styles and bodies of our clientele.

Our modern cocktail dresses reject the idea of a style boilerplate. We believe that you have the right to decide what a cocktail dress looks and feels like. From made-to-order jumpsuits to gowns, we handle the design and leave the style and definitions up to you.

Made-to-Order Cocktail Dresses

At Fame and Partners, we believe that dresses should feel as amazing as they look and that all women deserve the right to personalize the clothes that they inhabit the world in. We started this brand to make made-to-order accessible to every body and every woman. Fame and Partners exists to shift perceptions on what customizable dresses are, moving this concept from elite to inclusive.

We create the designs and leave the finishing touches in your hands. With our made-to-order cocktail dresses, you can decide on key dress features like neckline, sleeve length and sleeve type. The result? Modern cocktail dresses that are uniquely and unapologetically you.

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