Beach Wedding Dresses

Beach weddings are everything we want in a big life event — they’re blissful, bright and breezy. They are also filled with sand and sunshine, which can make selecting the right beachside dress a challenge.

At Fame and Partners, We think that the right dress can transcend borders and work for any occasion. Beach weddings tend to call for semi-formal attire, which gives you leeway when deciding what look to don.

Embrace your inner nomad in boho chic with our wedding dress line because the dresses are sleek and stylish, with a sultry twist. Our day dresses also have more formal options that work well for beachside nuptials.

Whether you opt for a casual beach wedding dress or something more formal, the thing to keep in mind is that you want light, billowy fabric to repel heat and sand.

Customizable Beach Wedding Dresses

Our line of customizable beach wedding dresses features styles that span the spectrum of casual and upscale. Maxi or midi, strapless or short-sleeved, form-fitting or flowy — the choice is yours. The perfect dress exists when you’re able to control the look and feel.

Everything we produce is made to order, which means that we design your beach wedding dresses and you control the finishing touches. From sleeve type to neckline, the choice is yours. It’s fashion the way it should be: focused on you.

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