Customizable Skirts

A good skirt can turn a “meh” outfit into a marvelous style statement. Whether you’re looking for daywear that shines or you’re in search of a classy evening look, skirts are versatile, timeless and effortlessly beautiful.

At Fame and Partners, we revere the time-honored brilliance of the skirt. We have taken the classic skirt and transformed it into a made-to-order skirt adventure. Our line of customizable skirts grants you the power to take our skirt designs and make them your own.

Our concept is this: we design the skirt and you personalize it. Want a pleated skirt that hits just above your ankle? With our measurement and length personalization options, your perfect pleated skirt is just a click away. Want a two-piece skirt set with a plunging neckline? We’ve got you covered.

Made-to-Order Skirts

Clothes just feel better when they’re made-to-order. Our skirts flow and fit better than your standard off-the-rack option, and they’re easier on the environment. Made-to-order means less waste, less consumption and a smaller carbon footprint.

Our line of customizable skirts is designed to celebrate diversity in all forms — body, style, all of it. We want you to show up in an outfit that celebrates the best parts of you.

In line with our commitment to buying less and consuming better, our skirts are designed to be mixed and matched with our other collections, from tops to best sellers. One skirt, endless possibilities.

Give your best self to everything that you do. Live intentionally, dress like you mean it.

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