Customizable Daywear

A well-curated outfit can set the mood, tone, and energy for your entire day. When done right, daywear is filled with fun, style and versatility. At Fame and Partners, our line of customizable daywear blends the best elements of casual dress with the elegant aesthetic we are known for.

Like our evening wear, every piece in our daywear collection is designed with great attention to detail and cut. We put as much energy into our camisoles as we put into our evening gowns. The result is a glowing daywear line that elevates the genre and offers made-to-order looks that bring an immediate boost to your closet.

Our daywear collection gives you everything you need to look and feel like you’re ready to conquer the day. From bright colors, textured patterns, and chic minimalism, our collection has it all, giving you the ability to build looks that are uniquely you.

Women’s Clothing Online

The beauty of made-to-order fashion is that we handle the design and you personalize features to make each piece your own. Ordering made-to-order daywear online, you tune into a shopping experience that is convenient and stress-free — all without ever having to leave your home.

Our user-friendly website gives you everything you need to personalize your orders. With our daywear, fabric, color and length are customizable which means you put the finishing touches on everything you order. With a generous return policy and customer support when you need it, Fame and Partners goes above and beyond to revolutionize the online made-to-order experience.

Clothes just look better when they’re shaped by you. Fame and Partners: elevating the concept of customizable clothing.

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