Customizable Dresses

A dress is never just a dress. It’s your first date dress, your “my sister’s getting married” dress and your “this meeting could change my life” dress. Dresses are with us for life’s biggest and happiest moments — they shine with us when we win and they help us bridge hard moments and challenging times. With all that they are, shouldn’t they look at the part?

At Fame and Partners, our line of customizable dresses is diverse, bold and designed to make a statement. From chic daywear to classic black dresses and statement pieces, our made-to-order dresses are designed by us and personalized by you.

Our modern dresses for women are cut from a different cloth. We offer customizable dresses online that allow you to shape your relationship with the clothes you wear. The designs are ours, but the small details that make a dress unique are all you. From the neckline to sleeve type, the decision is yours. We believe that no one knows your body and your look like you do, so why should someone else have the final say over what you wear and how you feel in that garment?

Made to Order Dresses

Take pride in the pieces you wear knowing they are sustainably made, effortlessly beautiful and kind to Mother Earth. Fame and Partners is your one-stop shop for accessible evening and daywear for the modern woman.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with what we come up with, simply return your garment within 30-days for a full refund minus a $35 Zero Waste fee that allows us to keep things green and low-impact.

Molds are made to be broken. Live boldly. Dress like you mean it.

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