Customizable Pants for Women

Pants are the secret weapons of the clothing game. A good pair of pants can elevate the look and feel of an outfit instantaneously, giving you a dynamic boost when you need it or taking the tone of your look down a notch when you need a casual daywear moment.

At Fame and Partners, we are big fans of the versatility and depth of the pant, and our collection of customizable dress pants maintain the brilliance of the pant while giving our customers the opportunity to truly make their pants their own.

Our dress pants for women are designed by us, and personalized by you. With our customizable women’s pants, you can change the waistline (think elastic vs. fixed, belt loops vs. plain), fabric and even the length. The result is a pair of pants that reflect your style and preferences and that make the exact statement that you want them to.

Customizable Dress Pants

Life is just better when it’s made-to-order. At Fame and Partners we create made-to-order pants, tops and dresses that eliminate waste, carry smaller environmental footprints and elevate style, fit and feel. Our line of customizable pants celebrate diversity, personal choice and style. We invite you to experience the “made-to-order” difference.

Live life unapologetically. Dress like you mean it.

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