Customisable Lace and Tulle Dresses

Lace and tulle are two materials that never go out of style. Everything from the texture to the feel of these fabrics offer a certain decadence and luxuriousness that is impossible to replicate. At Fame and Partners, our customisable lace dresses and tulle dresses strike a crucial balance between classic elegance and modern flare, offering a dynamic range of dresses that encompass all styles, tastes and preferences.

Lace and Tulle Dresses Made-to-Order

The beauty of made-to-order clothing is that you are given the power of choice. Bring your unique personality and bold style into the clothes you wear and the outfits you choose.

At Fame and Partners, we design the lace and tulle and you make them your own. Everything from neckline to sleeve length is up to you. Our customisable tulle dresses give you the opportunity to leave your mark on your wardrobe — combining our designs with your vision. Lace dresses that fall and contour the way you want them and tulle that feels elegant and perfectly extravagant.

Our formalwear is meant to capture the latest trends while maintaining the timelessness of the pieces and designs we love most. From wrap dresses to classic maxis, when you put on a Fame and Partners garment, you can see and feel the intention and energy that went into each individual piece.

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