About us | Fame and Partners

Who We Are

Fame and Partners is a contemporary collection of made-to-order essentials for the modern woman. Conceived to celebrate diversity and designed with our (almost) zero-waste sustainable manufacturing platform, we offer unparalleled choice without harming the Earth.

The Problem

Overproduction in the fashion industry is the cause behind many global problems, from wasted CO2 to excess items being landfilled or burned. By crafting everything to order, we eliminate the need for excess stock (and the air conditioned, CO2-draining warehouses in which it’s stored) and avoid mass manufacturing that results in additional waste.

Our Vision

To reimagine the way the world thinks about fashion by being the premier purveyor of custom, (almost) zero waste clothing. We imagine a future without over-production and environmentally devastating waste by only making our clothes to order. With advanced production techniques and contemporary designs, we aim to empower the modern woman with the tools she needs to express her unique point of view.